Saturday, February 10, 2018

Another weekend blizzard

There’s a storm coming again this weekend so I am out and about early to make the most of the day before it hits. According to the weather forecast, it should be ok until around 2pm at least. Some events in town were cancelled or postponed  as a precaution. 

So I’m at the Bolungarvík pool already the minute they open at 10am for a morning soak in the hotpot. It’s a bright and pleasant day and it’s hard to believe such an evil storm is on the way. The thermometer reads -5°C/23°F. I’m all alone in the pool and it’s nice to just look up at the snowy mountaintops, sipping on a cup of free coffee. After about 45 minutes, I’m warmed through and through so it’s time to move on. 

I stop at the grocery store to see if they have anything different in this little town. Then I stop at the small general store called Bjarnabúð. It‘s a tiny little store that sells a bit of everything, and it‘s often amazing what unique little things you can find here sometimes. Food items, clothes, office supplies, cards, candles and other gift items. Everything a town with a population of 908 needs. I always manage to spend some money here. I drive around town a bit and to the harbor, just snapping some pictures in the snowy landscape. Although it’s still fairly bright and mild in town, there’s a black cloud over the Djúp. The storm is coming. 

Back home, I hang up my swimsuit to dry, pack up my snowshoes and head out to Tungudalur. I park at the bus stop since there are no busses coming on Saturday anyway, shoulder the snowshoes and walk into the valley. After just a few steps, I know this isn’t going to happen. Ísafjörður in the distance has disappeared under the black cloud, which is coming closer by the minute. I get to the trailhead and just take a few steps on it for inspection. Someone has plowed cross country ski tracks across the whole road, packing down the deep snow. It’s easy to walk on top of it and snowshoes aren’t necessary anymore. What a bummer. Couldn’t they have left just half the road for me? Well, I don’t want to be too far away from the car when the storm hits, so it’s ok for today at least.

After a quick stop at the grocery store, I head back into town and stop at the library. As usual, I end up spending a lot more time in there than planned, and come out with 2 books and 2 DVDs. With plenty of entertainment now, I’m ready for a stormy weekend! In the early evening I head outside again for a long walk. It’s snowing like crazy but the wind still hasn’t made an appearance. I walk above town on the avalanche wall a bit, and then come home to shovel. By now it’s snowing so hard that once I finish shoveling, there’s already another inch on the ground. If it keeps up at this speed, we’ll be snowed in by morning. Might be a good idea to bring the shovel inside the house tonight.