Monday, July 17, 2017

The long road home

Kambsnes pass, Álftafjörður

Blálilja (Oysterplant)
I enjoy breakfast outside with a fantastic view over the Djúp. There’s still time for a short walk on the beach before I head home. It’s a long drive, but I also want to take my time and stop along the way. It takes me just about an hour to reach the main road (61). 

Shortly after, I make a first stop at Reykjanes to get gas and have some lunch. I’m really tired today and maybe the food will give me some energy. I have to be fair with my criticism – Reykjanes is a dreary, lifeless place and it doesn’t get better the more I visit. It has so much potential, being on a nice geothermal beach and offering one of the best swimming pools in the Westfjords. First of all, the food is terrible. Well, not the food itself, but the selection. Burgers in all shapes and sizes with fries, or grilled sandwiches. The soup of the day is always either broccoli cream, cauliflower cream or cream of mushroom. How I would love some good lamb stew! Or a homemade chicken soup. Or something light and healthy. The selection is typical for many Icelandic restaurants. The campsite is equally terrible. It’s smack in the middle of the parking lot, surrounded by a paved road and buildings on all sides. Not a single bush or tree offers any seclusion. As I’m eating my burger, I watch a cyclist approach. He looks lost, parks his bike, walks around a bit, comes inside, goes back out, and rides away. I see many cyclists in this area today and I’m sure they would love to camp at a nice spot with such a great pool if there was just a bit of peace and solitude. 

Ögur cafe
With burger in belly, I continue on and my next stop is Ögur to have some coffee. I’ve always wanted to check out this place. They offer a whole range of tourist services, including kayaking, but I’m only interested in the café. I’m the only one there. It’s too cold and windy to sit outside, which is a shame because the view is nice. Inside, I’m the only person, which is fine with me. The lady running the place is very pleasant and the coffee is very good and reasonably priced. There’s a fairly large selection of cakes and I have a piece of something very sweet and tasty. The place is cozy inside and I enjoy just reading my book and relaxing. 

Once the caffeine kicks in, I’m ready for the home stretch. I make one or two other little photo stops, and one to pick some herbs. After 6 hours, I finally reach home and it feels quite good. Heima er best, after all, and I do live in the best place in the world!