Sunday, July 2, 2017

Just another Sunday

I meet Viviana at the bakery this morning for breakfast. I often like to hang out in one of our town’s two bakeries but the high prices this year and the unfavorable currency rate have put a damper on that fun. This is the first time I’ve indulged in this in a while. At least there are still free coffee refills. Many places have stopped this practice already. There’s a football game today too that I wouldn’t mind seeing, but somehow I get distracted with other things. 

Khloé, a neighborhood cat, stops by for a visit as I’m out on the porch enjoying the sun. In the evening I go to a piano concert by Brazilian pianist Allan Duarte Manhas at the Edinborg cultural center. It’s a nice venue for art and music of all types and I often attend events that I wouldn’t normally be interested in. I like supporting these events and showing my appreciation for the work that goes into organizing these things. Sometimes I am even surprised and find something new that I like. There’s no harm in giving new things a try!