Friday, June 16, 2017

The white beach

Gerrit is in town for a few days and the weather is good so we head out to the new café in Önundarfjörður, Kaffi Sól. We’re the only ones there at first and pick a nice table on the deck outside for some coffee and pönnukökur with rhubarb and blueberry jam. It takes quite a long time to be served, even the coffee, which is a good thing, as I can see everything being handmade through the kitchen window. Nice place to enjoy the peace and quiet with some good strong coffee. 

Then we head out to the white sands for a long afternoon walk. It’s fun to watch the arctic terns fly about, squawking and defending their young, and the eiders are equally agitated around their nests when people are about. I could listen to the seabird chorus for hours, just lying in the soft sand with the salty smell of the sea in my nostrils.