Saturday, June 24, 2017

The foxtrott

It’s a very cold and windy Saturday morning, but we can use the car and go to the Melrakkasetur (Arctic Fox Center) in Súðavík. It’s always nice to just sit there and have a hot drink in their nice little café surrounded by books and information on the foxes. After warming up a bit and making sure Lei gets the t-shirt he’s been dreaming about (I admit that I am quite tickled with the apron, although I don’t get one), we spend quite a bit of time taking pictures of the caged foxes outside. 

Then we head to the Kaupfélagið, which is the local grocery store with a nice little book nook café, for some more hot chocolate. There’s just nothing much else to do on such a cold day.

But the weather improves a bit as the day progresses, so we take a nice walk along Óshlið. This is always one of my favorite spots. It‘s so pretty. After the walk and photo session, we've earned some ice cream. It's never too cold for soft ice with licorice bits.

 In the evening we attend the concerts of the 4th annual LÚR festival. This arts festival was created by the young people of the community and they organize and run everything and do a fantastic job. There’s a lot of potential among the creative and ambitious kids here in town, and it's good fun to hear the free music. 

There are a lot of activities to choose from this weekend. The summers in the Westfjords are full of music, sport, arts and festivities. Flateyri is having a street fest today and there’s a soccer tournament too, but even with never-ending daylight, there’s just not enough time for everything.