Friday, June 30, 2017


Dyrafjörður fjord

There is lots going on again in the Westfjords this weekend and it‘s impossible to see it all. This is “market weekend” (Markaðshelgin) in Bolungarvík, which is a fun family festival held the first weekend in July. In addition to the various market stands, there is drama, music and games for young and old. But I’m going to miss it this time. I’m also missing the accordion festival this weekend, which started yesterday. There are all kinds of people in town for this, mostly of the older generation with their campers. There’s music every night and dancing and I’m sure it’s loads of fun. 

On the beach
Accordion festival
Instead, Helga is taking me to Þingeyri tonight. We both like to swim on Fridays, and it’s great to combine it with the town festival, Dyrafjarðardagar. Not having a car, I’ve missed this festival every year so far. We have time for a quick swim before the pool closes and after a hot dog and hot chocolate at the gas station, Helga heads off to Haukadalur to listen to a talk on “Sex in the sagas”, given by Icelandic psychiatrist Óttar Guðmundsson, but I’m certain my Icelandic isn’t good enough to follow it so I stay behind in Þingeyri. 

Beach volleyball
Emmsje Gauti
After a walk on the beach to take some pictures, I check out the activities. First on the list, a beach volleyball tournament. I’ve always wondered when they use the beach volleyball pitches next to the swimming pool. It’s fun to watch the games bit, with the spectators wrapped in down jackets and the players barefoot. 

Then I check out the community center (félagsheimili) to watch a bit of Emmsje Gauti. Emmsje is the Icelandic spelling of MC, or emcee, so hip-hop is the name of the game. It’s already been going on awhile and people are coming and going, so I just walk in and watch a few numbers. The kids really seem to love it, and all the smallest ones are invited on stage and the little place is hopping. 

By now it’s already 9:15 pm and I’m getting tired, so I head over to Simbahöllin café to wind down with a Belgian waffle, a cup of hot tea and a good book until Helga returns for the ride home. The ride is very pretty, with sun out over the ocean, sparkling on the water, and clouds hanging low in the valleys. We’re both too tired for pictures though.