Friday, December 30, 2016

Snow cat

I’ve been starting every morning off with a swim this week. I am often the only one at the pool, or at most there might be one other person. I hang out for a long time, using the sauna on sauna days, and chatting with V while she’s working. But today is an awesome snow day and I’m eager to get out. After all the warm weather storms recently, this is finally some decent snow. It snows like crazy all day and I enjoy a long walk outside with G who is here for a visit. 

Khlóe is a true little snow cat. She likes to sit outside the hardware store. In fact, that’s where we first met. I introduced myself and gave her quite a pat. Now she will run over to greet me when she sees me outside shoveling. She looks so funny running through the deep snow. I picked her up once and she really is a dainty little thing. Fur can really be deceiving!