Saturday, December 10, 2016

Bunny bliss

It’s Saturday and I have the awesome luck of being able to use the neighbor’s car (takk!). This literally opens worlds of new possibilities for spending the three hours of dusky bleakness that we call daylight here in these parts. It’s not even raining, so that counts as a perfect day.

Shortly before 11 as the sky just begins to lighten a bit, I head out to Selaból to see the new rabbits. If you recall my blog entries from last winter, you’ll remember that my first encounter with the rabbits left me with a bloody finger. But the one that bit me landed in the oven a long time ago, so I have nothing to worry about now. There are so many new rabbits that it’s impossible to give them all names, and a handful of tiny little white albino bunnies eagerly nibbles the vegetables out of my hand. Unfortunately my photos of them didn’t really turn out. 

After a bit of playing in the yard in these mild temperatures, and an energizing cup of tea with gingerbread, I jump in the car and head to Bolungarvík for a swim. For a Saturday afternoon there’s not much action, so I enjoy being mostly alone in the hotpots. Then a retired local fisherman strikes up a conversation, which is nice too. By the time I’m finished, it’s dark and that means the end of the day. Time to head indoors for baking, reading and other cozy activities, with the warmth of a furry kitty on my lap.