Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lighthouse breakfast and swim


It’s a sunny Sunday morning so I pack a thermos of tea, a sandwich and some grapes and head out on my bike. After the brief winter intermission, spring is back in full swing. I ride out the old road to Bolungarvík and spot the same old man wearing a snowsuit and walking his dog, who I bumped into here in January. Seems to be his daily routine and the snowsuit and dog seem to accompany him no matter what the weather is like. 

Scenic overlook
I have breakfast in the sun at the lighthouse overlooking Bolungarvík. Since the weather is so great I continue on into town and have a look around. I was here yesterday for a quick swim with Matta, but didn’t get a chance to look around. I have a look at the church, bike around the harbor and stop into Bjarnabúð, the tiny little co-op store. I chat with the lady inside who remembers me and Angela visiting in September and try to buy a yogurt drink but since the sell-by date has expired, the lady just gives it to me. Then I head to the swimming pool to bask in the sun. The thermometer says 15°C / 60°F in the sun. Most summers aren’t even this warm! Needless to say, my face is quite red from all the sunbathing I’ve been doing lately. 

Our house on the beach
On the way home, I stop at Ósvör to finish off the rest of my tea and breakfast. This place is a reconstruction of a 19th century fishing station. Generally you have to pay to look around but this time of the year it’s closed. Besides, I just want to sit in the grass and eat my lunch. Across the road is a short trail to a scenic overlook with a diagram of the mountain peaks and their names.  I always like to stop there to have a look and remind myself that Greenland is just 312 km / 194 mi away. 

I’m quite tired by the time I get home, but the day is still so beautiful that I enjoy a long walk on the beach.