Thursday, April 21, 2016

Gleðilegt sumar

Today is the first day of summer (sumardagurinn fyrsti) according to the Old Norse calendar, which divides the year into only two seasons – summer and winter. It’s always held on the first Thursday after April 18. The first day of winter is generally around the end of October and strangely no one likes to celebrate that one. But today is a public holiday marked with various festivities.
Tradition says if you wake up on the first day of summer and find water left outside has frozen overnight (or puddles, for example), then summer and winter are considered to have “frozen together”, which means the summer will be a good one.
Since the morning starts out with a few snowflakes, we’re headed in the right direction. Today the weather changes every five minutes, alternating between rain and sun. A rainbow appears for a mere 30 seconds over the ocean. I walk on the beach at noontime, go for a short jog in the afternoon. I don’t take many pictures though, this is the only one I've got to offer today.