Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cold duck kelp

My first full day back in Íso since late January. The air temp is about 2°C, the strong wind is quite chilly and I’m still recovering from a cold so I’m in no hurry to dash into outdoor adventures. I’m content with domestic chores, getting my bicycle ready for action, and entertaining the cat. Late morning I head out for a walk around town. See what’s changed since I was last here. 

I take my usual route along the harbor, where I admire a flock of Eider ducks. There’s a good mixture of males and females paddling around by the boats, with a bunch resting on shore as well; I never really noticed how pretty the males were with the green spot on their necks, so today I take the time to admire them and take some pictures.

Afterwards I warm up with a cup of coffee at Gamla Bakaríið and then bike to Bónus for some groceries. At low tide, I stroll along the beach, taking lots of pictures. The tide is extremely low, giving everything a new perspective, with the reflecting sun creating an eerie landscape amidst the beached kelp beds.