Sunday, January 3, 2016

A busy weekend

Yesterday I started off the morning with a dip in the pool at Suðureyri, thanks to G. There’s nothing better than soaking in an outdoor hotpot with the snowy mountains surrounding you. 

Flights were finally on, so we picked up Súsanna from the airport – she was finally able to arrive after waiting since NYE.  Her trip is short – exactly 24h so we made the most of it. After a quick snack, we headed off into the hills for a good wintry hike, and by the time we got home it was nearly dark. Dinner was at Húsið, and was excellent as usual. In the evening we watched for northern lights, and there was a faint strip low on the sky but nothing worth bundling up and going out for.

This morning we head out into the darkness for breakfast at Bakarinn. We have two bakeries in Ísafjörður, and both function as cafes where you can sit and enjoy a cuppa joe and a sticky sweet snack. It‘s another beautiful day and there‘s no wind yet ... it‘s coming this evening, but the plane will be able to land before then. We walk to Hnífsdalur, admire the cemetary, and by then our time together is up and Súsanna is of with the fly bus to the airport.

Not to let a beautiful day slip away so easily, I put on my running gear, including shoe spikes, and run all the way back to Hnífsdalur. But now that‘s really enough for a day, don‘t you think?