Saturday, December 26, 2015

Annar í jólum

As in many other countries, the day after Christmas is a legal holiday in Iceland too. With nothing open to distract me, the only thing to do is walk! The day starts out with the town shrouded in a black snow cloud.  By the time I get bundled up to go out, the shroud is lifting and it gradually turns out to be a fine, clear day.
I walk along the avalanche walls and past the road to the ski area and down the hiking trail into Tungudalur. I bump into one cross country skier, who smiles and nods. 

As I progress, I see three spots where he apparently fell – and it’s no wonder, because under the thin layer of snow is a thick sheet of ice. Even with the chains on my boots, I’m slipping and sliding too. The day is simply beautiful. Hardly any wind, cold but not freezing, and beautiful skies. Everything is covered in powdery white, and it hangs thickly in the trees. I take a lot of pictures today.

At night the full moon still hovers beautifully over the town. I’m even rewarded with a short but nice display of northern lights.