Sunday, September 6, 2015


Today Angela and I are out on our bikes by 10am. It’s sunny and the thermometer in the sun says 20°C but that’s deceiving. There’s an evil southerly wind that rages battle with us as we pedal our bicycles into Engldalur valley – it takes twice as long to get there against the wind as normal. No we’re not going berry-picking today (although we do pick some on the way home – they’re just too fat and juicy to resist). Today we want to hike up to Fossavatn lake.
road over the river

 I was up there last in 2012. I tried to get there last summer but heavy rainfall made crossing the river impossible. Today we’re in luck. There’s an old road up there because of the local power station, and there are power lines and electric cables, not to mention water pipes, that have to be maintained. 

The whole area is pretty torn up and muddy from the heavy machinery. The only advantage is that the construction workers have laid a pipe to direct the river, and built a road right over it. It’s now no longer necessary to fjord the river at all. 

Fossavatn is not as beautiful as it used to be. The ground is muddy and torn up. But we walk beyond the lake along the river and find a very picturesque little area. There are very old water pipes half torn up and crushed with boulders and covered with grass. There’s lots of troll‘s bread (tröllabrauð ) rock formations. 

The colorful moss forms a lush carpet and the area is covered with fallen boulders that are most certainly home to a number of elves. We enjoy a picknick but clouds are rolling in and the weather forecast predicted clouds and a bit of rain in the afternoon. We are out and about for a total of 6 hours and have  made the most of the day while the weather was still quite good.