Saturday, August 29, 2015


It’s Sunday playtime! In the morning I ride out past Hnífsdalur just past the tunnel along the old road to Seljadalur valley, where I park my bike. My map says this place is called Selvör and I wonder why there is a sign marking the valley here, so I check the internet later. There I find an old document stating there used to be two old fishing camps here but it was quite dangerous due to rockslides. 

There’s nothing here anymore to remind anyone of it’s past, except a flat area resembling a parking lot. Now there is a contraption made of fish containers here with a door and window cut into it. A neighbor once told me these are used for fox hunting. I park my bike and climb up along the river Seljaá looking for berries. There are zillions of fat crow berries but no blueberries. I just walk along the old sheep trail into the valley for a bit before heading home.

After a refreshing nap and a meal, I head in the other direction on my bike into Engidalur for blueberry picking. On the way, there’s a pretty rainbow over town. Later I make rice pudding with the fresh blueberries.