Thursday, July 23, 2015


Angela and I take a walk to the neighboring village of Hnífsdalur. It’s nice to sit in the mountains above the village and take in the view. Then we explore around town a bit.
There’s a small park and we spend a good amount of time playing like little kids.There are pretty flowers to look at, wild rhubarb, friendly cats (one with cute black pads on his feet) and many interesting yards and houses in various states of disrepair. 

On one house it’s interesting to see the layers of construction – wood underneath, covered by corrugated iron and then with cement (see photo). That’s the way to withstand a good storm!

Aldan Booknook

Later, back at home, our little booknook is finished. The people from Snerpa donated a small bookcase so Matta, the downstairs neighbor, could finally put her plan into action – a small book exchange on the fence in our backyard. Come and stop for a visit! Take or leave a book! And if you bring your dog, please don’t fertilize our lawn!