Friday, July 24, 2015


Today I take the bus to the village of Flateyri for a short hike into Klofningsdalur. Two years ago, I approached the pass at Klofningsheiði from the other side from Suðureyri and today I just want to have a look at things from this side, and see if there’s a lot of snow. I don’t plan to actually go up to the pass. 

It’s a pleasant walk and well-worn trail. I pass a family that is coming down but other than that, I am all alone up here. The route offers a fantastic view over Flateyri. The purple lupines are in full bloom and the grass is lush and green. It’s mostly cloudy and quite chilly, but occasionally a blue patch will open up in the sky. 

Entering the valley, it’s all uphill to the base of the cirque (“hvilft”). Supposedly the trail goes straight up here but I see no real possible way to scale the steep stone walls. I clamber across the rocks spread across the base to continue on a trail along the other side, which only goes to the peak overlooking the ocean, and ends at Kolviðarhlíð. There I sit bundled up against wind and weather and enjoy the view.

But soon it gets too cold and I head back the way I came. I stop to look at a small dam and waterfall, with a connected power station. I still have time to kill, but it’s cold, so I have some coffee at the local café. However a bus of cruise ship passengers is expected soon so I can’t hang out there too long. I walk around the harbor, and then have a look at the church to warm up. It’s a simple construction in typical Icelandic style, but it has a special tea light holder that’s quite pretty. 

Flateyri church
I nearly miss the return bus because it has a taxi sign on the top. It’s not unusual for cruise ship passengers to drive around by taxi so I didn’t pay much attention when it stopped. I see two young kids jump on and realize it’s the regular public bus – wait for me! Please don’t leave me stuck here in this sleepy little town! :-)