Friday, June 19, 2015

Velkomin heim

Flight AirBerlin is uneventful, I tried to sleep most of the time.  We’re flying into the arctic sun and the sky gets lighter as we progress. We land in Keflavík around midnight.  What a shock. Groggy from trying to sleep. Literally hundreds of people, so crowded and crazy. Baggage claim extremely full, with 3 flights being used for each conveyor. Strangely people are fairly calm and pleasant. The airport is in a perpetual state of reconstruction and the bus stand is not quite where it used to be. There seem to be more bus companies going to Reykjavík now, Grey Line is full of people waiting but I go straight to RE which I have been travelling with for many years, and I will remain loyal as long as things are ok. The person in the bus collecting tickets however, is not Icelandic and she is rude. At 2am I finally let myself into Súsanna’s flat with my key, expecting her to be sound asleep. I’m greeted with a friendly “hello!” from the bathroom. She just came home from a night out on the town with a friend, it is Friday night after all. We chat for a good hour before I finally curl up on the couch in my sleeping bag.