Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer sun and visitors

The morning sun is intense but brief, and the thermometer outside my kitchen window climbs to 27°C/80°F. The ocean is calm and still and there’s a small cruise ship outside my window (Ocean Diamond, 400 passengers). 

I make it a point to spend 15 minutes outside every morning before diving into the daily grind, having the first cup of coffee and enjoying the precious sun. These moments are far too rare to let slip by without appreciation. Lunch breaks are spent reading on the porch in the sun. In the evenings I work on house projects. The weather has been so good that I decided to touch-up the paint job on the fence, and we have a whole of a lot of fence on our house! But although the tourists photograph it for its dilapidated charm, I feel our humble home needs some paintbrush hugs.

No painting this evening though – I’ve got visitor from Switzerland. So nice to meet René and his travelling companions. We enjoy a bit of time on the beach, a walk through town, a few drinks, and a fantastic dinner at Tjöruhúsið. Takk fyrir!