Friday, January 2, 2015

Warm silence

I love the quiet of mornings and now that the wind has stopped, the silence is incredibly loud. The house has stopped moaning and groaning, there’s not a creak nor crack, and no sound of waves bashing the shore in the wind. But it’s snowing, a silent white floating from the sky. It’s so pretty outside that I spend a lot of time just looking out the window this morning. The mountains are barely visible. I like these silent snow days when the mountains disappear. It gives a sense of being small and insignificant in the vastness of nature. I am eager to get outside and be a living part of it. 

And finally the house is warm! I cranked up the heat yesterday, and now that the wind has stopped, it’s cozy warm inside again. No more breeze spouting from the electrical sockets. It sure makes a difference. The cat seems happy too, and she poses for a photo session this morning. 

Today’s walk takes Angela and me into Tungudalur. There are several groups of ptarmigan scurrying beneath the trees.