Saturday, January 17, 2015

The simplicity of Saturdays

Our porch
It’s Saturday. I love quiet Saturday mornings, sitting for a long time in the easy chair next overlooking the ocean with a cup of tea and reading a few pages in a good book before I even think about taking a shower and starting the day. I listen to the ocean and the creaks and groans of the old house and count my lucky stars to be here, to have all of this. My neighbors had a party last night which didn’t bother me in the least, but that means the house will be very quiet late into the day.

Friendly boy in the snow
I go for my walk alone today. I walk up and down the streets, watching everyone dig out their driveways after the snowstorm. Some people have the help of plows, others do it by hand. Only a handful of people have snowblowers. I chat with a little boy digging in the snow. Seeing my camera, he asks if I’m from around here. I try walking to the avalanche wall but the snow was way too deep.
Sun Street
I meet B. later for coffee and a chat at around 4:30. She’s the nice German lady who is renting the flat upstairs for a month while writing a novel. 

When I go into my bedroom about 10:30 pm, I see a fantastic display of northern lights over the ocean. After watching a while I decide to bundle up and go outside. Get some nice pics and watch them for about an hour.