Saturday, January 3, 2015

Saturday Sledding

The weather is good at the moment, a short respite. As I shovel the steps and wait for Angela, Matta comes out with a cup of coffee. In a brief moment of stupidity, I take off my ski goggles and leave them home. Bad move. Angela and I grab our sleds and head out into the hills as the black clouds roll in. 

No more than 10 minutes out, the wind picks up and snow hits our faces. It’s a battle against the wind, and I carry my blue UFO sled in front of me to shield me from it. The pelting snow is painful on my sensitive eyes. I’m not too keen on going up higher in the mountains. Even though we’re on the road, visibility is poor. When everything is white and there is no visibility, it’s easy to run into trouble.

I snap a picture of the last little shed on the road, the last object in the white landscape for orientation. The weather is so different a couple hours later, that I snap a picture in the same spot for comparison. 

We sled up and down a bit next to the road but the snow is pretty deep. It snowed quite a bit today. My sled just isn’t picking up any momentum. I’m content with sitting and taking pictures. The sky clears a bit and we hike around the avalanche wall to a steep slope we had in mind, but realize there is some kind of wall below it. We start heading home, back into the wind and snow, which pick up momentum again. Later visibility clears up for about 15 minutes and offers a really pretty view of the sky. As I reach home, a black cloud rolls in again, the wind picks up and I just make it inside. 

Later I go out briefly to shovel the steps again, and enjoy a comfy evening inside with a DVD. At 11pm there’s a knock on the door.  Matta is turning 50 at midnight and she’s invited a friend over and asked me down, too. We drink and chat until 1am, when I finally go up to bed and the young girls head off to the pub.