Thursday, January 1, 2015

A stormy new year

I’m awake at 7:30 but lie in bed a bit longer and listen as the wind shifts direction bringing stormy and colder weather. The rain turns to ice pellets slapping the corrugated iron of the house. I venture outside at about 11 for a walk through town. There’s not a soul out on the streets, it’s like a ghost town. My walk starts out a bit windy yet peaceful enough, but a soon storm hits and the weather turns evil in just minutes. Black skies, high winds, ice pellets pelting my eyes – sure wish I had my ski googles. I always wear jeans for my morning walk through town since I’m just a few blocks away from home. Today my thighs get soaked and feel like blocks of ice. Back home around noon in time for brunch, it’s hard to get warm and I shiver under a blanket with the hot water bottle. The house is just starting to wake up after the celebrations last night. 

After warming up and dressing much warmer this time, I go out again for another walk. I’m wearing full gear: long underwear, ski jacket, spikes on my shoes (actually I don’t leave home without them lately) and even goggles. I’m so toasty warm and dry that I can stay out as long as I want. I climb up the avalanche wall straight out of town and it’s so windy I can hardly stand, but it’s fun to be up there and be warm and take pictures. Not many people out today. 

Back at home, my apartment is so cold. With a real strong north wind, the bathroom and bedroom on the north side of the house are icy cold. Wind whips in every crack and crevice and although I’ve spent the last two years trying to block the drafty spaces, it seems to be coming in everywhere without me really knowing exactly where. One certain source is the power sockets, which blow out cold air like a hair dryer. I tape these up when it’s really windy. 

It gets progressively colder throughout the day and it snows on and off, with things picking up a bit in the evening. By the time I go to bed, everything is covered in a soft while blanket of snow again.