Friday, January 23, 2015

A day in Reykjavík

Súsanna and I have breakfast at Grái Kötturinn. It’s one of my favorite breakfast spots in Reykjavík, and a bit crowded today. Then we head to the pool in Mosfellsbær. I’ve never been to this pool before, but S. has a car and it’s good to take advantage of that. It’s a big pool, nice and modern, and hardly any people there. There's about 2 cm of fresh snow on the ground, in fact t blows and snows like crazy. Perfect hotpot weather. But the wind eventually blows the clouds right away and a nice bit of sun shines on the peak of Úlfarsfell mountain.

After thorough soaking, we drive over to Álafoss, which I have also never seen before. Founded in 1896, it’s a wool store and factory with a long tradition. Originally it was built near the waterfall of the same name to harness the water’s energy for production. During WWII, barracks were constructed in the area for British soldiers. The region also boasts a swimming pool originally built in the 1930s, but was recently converted to a music studio that has produced many Icelandic bands. Today there is a shop selling wool products, as well as a nice café, and after looking around and having waffles, we take a nice walk along the river in the snow. By now the sun is shining bright and it feels so good on my face! Such a rare precious moment after a long, dark arctic winter.

Later, dinner is at Gló, another place I haven’t been to yet and I’m impressed. All raw food, and huge portions. After dinner, we take a long walk along the ocean, with the beautiful crescent moon accompanying us, and the stars and lights from Akranes shining bright. But in minutes the weather turns evil and the wind is blowing snow like crazy and it’s impossible to see. We pop into the downtown area for protection of the buildings, and stop in a bar for a glass of wine. On the way home, everything is white and it feels like winter again.