Thursday, December 25, 2014

Playing in the snow

The morning blues

What better way to spend Christmas day than sledding! But why does sledding seem to be reserved for children? It’s impossible to find an adult sized sled here, but I have my little coaster, which reminds me of my childhood. As a kid I had a metal coaster that was so rusty it left brown skid marks in the snow. This one is plastic and barely big enough to cover my butt. It spins out of control when I go too fast and I can feel every bump beneath it. Angela’s sled is a bit more sophisticated. It’s long and stays on track better and can even be steered to some extent. 

Sled meets avalanche wall
We hike up towards the ski area to sled between the avalanche walls. Here the walls block the wind a bit, and provide a natural sledding route with no danger of veering off course into a freezing river or hitting a protruding rock. It’s colder today, and the sledding is invigorating. As we head home, exhausted, we have grins on our faces. The people in the cars that pass us look with a strange mix of envy and disbelief as we tug our sleds behind us. I think we’re the only adults who dare to sled in this town!
Dinner for two

Later Klara comes over for dinner. I really need to finish up the fish in the freezer, still left over from my fishing tip two summers ago.