Monday, December 22, 2014

I'll be home for Christmas (I hope!)

Hard to believe the weather is so evil in 
Ísafjörður when it’s like this in Reykjavík.
The flight from Berlin to Keflavík last night was one of the most uncomfortable I’ve ever experienced.  I fly a lot, but never have I been in an airplane with such tiny seats. I’m a small person, but my knees were banging the chair in front of me. I can handle that, but the back of the chair was positioned at such a weird angle that I had excruciating back pain the whole way. The seat didn’t recline either. Well, the flight to Reykjavík took over 4 hours, I wonder why it was an hour longer than usual. Maybe the strong wind? In fact, it was so windy when we arrived at Keflavík that they couldn’t use the walkways. The stewardesses lined up along the stairway to prevent passengers from being swept off their feet into never-never land. I grinned. I loved it. Despite the horrible headache I managed to acquire along the way. Baggage claim was extra slow, and by the time I reached my guesthouse it was 3am. Fell straight into bed, but up at 7:30 for the 10am flight to Ísafjörður. Not that I need that much time in the morning, but my room has a bathtub and I really feel like a long soak to wash away the sluggishness of travelling.
At 8:30 a text message informs me that the flight will probably be delayed, next information at 9am. I have a wonderful cup of coffee and pay some quality attention to the guesthouse cat Jellybelly, who seems to remember me and purrs away her pudgy little soul. At 9am I get a message saying the flight is on, so I hop in a taxi to the airport and check in. 15 minutes before departure, the flight is postponed again because of the weather. I pick up my bag and settle in the café. Next information comes at noon. After more coffee and a small breakfast, the flight is delayed again, next information at 2:15. So here I sit, and wait. 
At 2pm the flight is finally cancelled and I taxi back to the guesthouse. Different room this time. No bathtub, but cable TV with no RÚV, but zillions of English channels showing nothing but garbage. It’s all I need tonight, I’m so tired that nothing in the city can tempt me today. I ignore every single store, and resist the subtle urge to head off to the pool.  Instead I go out for a short walk to enjoy the last hour of daylight. Stop at the post office to mail a package and then head to Loki for some plokkfiskur, yummy! The café is basically empty, but still warm and cozy. My day is over by 6pm and I will now perform blissful nothingness until I slip off into the abyss of deep slumber.