Saturday, July 26, 2014

Yachts & ravens, but no avalanches please

The end of my summer trip is nearing and I am enjoying every day to the fullest. Morning walks to the harbor, watching the fishermen process their catch or the container ships unload.

Yacht "Vive la vie"

One day there is a spectacular private yacht anchored in the harbor and the locals have gathered to look and gossip. After checking the internet, I find it’s owned by the owner of Ypsomed. It only stays a single day.

One evening I take a closer look at the new avalanche wall being built in Ísafjörður. On weekdays when they are working, it’s impossible to get close to it. But on a Sunday it’s possible to have a look. 

Avalanche wall
What an amazing construction! But it’s also creating a huge scar in the landscape. Once it’s finished, it will be covered with grass and camouflaged so that you’ll hardly see it from the front. There will probably be a nice walking path on top of it and behind it. It’s definitely a necessary addition to this town. I always joke and say, if you are a professional avalanche wall builder living in the Westfjords, you’ll never be unemployed. These things take years to build and there are always more needed.