Monday, July 7, 2014

An action-packed day

Town dwarfed by cruise ship
Finally an eventful day after basically hanging out and waiting for the cold, wet weather to pass.The day begins with coffee and breakfast outside, followed by a walk on the beach. There’s a large cruise ship docked outside again with 2500 Germans on board. 

Avalanche walls
I take an afternoon hike up to the ski area and along the old avalanche walls, where they’ve built a new bench for relaxing. The area between the avalanche walls is one of my favorite little spots, and now there’s a new bench to sit and relax. Or maybe I’ve just never noticed it before. This is also my winter sledding spot, but no snow here today.

Hiking around the ski area
The road just before the ski hut is out – gone, missing, with a raging river running underneath. I wonder if the heavy rain washed it out, but later find out from a neighbor that the section was removed on purpose to prevent exactly that from happening. 

Altarpiece "fuglar himinsins"
Was still able to cross and hike around a bit. The hut is locked though and the old buzzer system doesn’t work anymore. There are lots of patches of snow still, and the grass is real soggy.

Back in town later, the church door is finally open and I have a close look at the altarpiece, which consists of 746 clay birds designed by Ólöf Nordal and made by the people of the parish. It’s entitled “fuglar himinsins“.

But the day’s not over yet. The local soccer team is playing against Reykjavík, so it’s nice to end the day sitting on a blanket in Icelandic style in a down jacket, hat and mittens to watch them lose. All in good fun!