Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Taxidermy and other fun

The weather is nice in the morning but that’s supposed to change and it’s expected to rain in the afternoon. After a morning walk at the harbor, I stop at the Museum of Natural History. Unfortunately the exhibition on the construction of the tunnel is a bit chaotic. They seem to be renovating things and there are tables and chairs and junk scattered everywhere in that section of the museum. The numerous stuffed birds, eggs and rocks are intact, as well as the stuffed polar bear.

Then I meet a good friend, Sebbi, for coffee. Sebbi just arrived from abroad and he’s got coffee beans in his eyes, pretty wired on espresso after not sleeping from all the excitement. He’s on his way to Hornstrandir for a couple of days and I sure hope he has some good weather! I’ll hear all about it in a few days.

It’s low tide and Bolungarvík has a pretty nice section of brown sandy beach. A bunch of kids has the same idea, and it’s a good place to eat a breakfast sandwich while watching the kids play.

Home sweet home
All that’s left on the agenda is a swim, a hot dog for lunch, and biking home. The clouds roll in shortly and it starts to rain already while I’m enjoying my lunch. I put on the rubber rain gear and ride home in the rain without any major stops or delays. It’s always good to be back home!