Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Suðureyri Day 1

Campsite Suðureyri
It’s time for another bus excursion so I head off to Suðureyri today with my tent packed. It’s the first time I’ve camped all summer and I’m looking forward to it, although the weather is less than pleasant. Cold and rainy as usual, at least there’s not much wind. I arrive in the afternoon and have a cup of hot chocolate at the gas station to wait out the rain before setting up camp. 
I'm warm!
The campsite is right behind the gas station right on the ocean. Great view but horrible facilities and at 1500 kr one of the most expensive campsites I’ve seen. For that price I wouldn’t mind a tiny bit of luxury – maybe hot water in the sink, or a commons room to sit in during bad weather or hang up laundry. At least there’s an awesome pool in town to make up for things.