Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer storm brings mudslides

Yesterday a storm hit and still it rages on today with no end in sight. The winds are up to 18 m/s, the ocean is bubbling, gurgling and spitting in rage. Temperatures are down to 7-8°C/45°F.
Rainfall is extremely heavy, causing mudslides. A warning is issued for all of the Westfjords and in the coming days numerous mudslides will fall all over the region. 

Through the strong wind the heavy rainfall is pressing in every nick and cranny of the house, my roof is leaking in the bathroom. 9 hikers are rescued from Hornstrandir, the conditions there are miserable and locals with summer cottages there are encouraged to take in hikers and help them out.

I am supposed to leave for Hornstrandir myself in just two days but there’s no way I want to go in this weather. There is no improvement forecasted, the storm is expected to continue for a few days, and it’s just too cold and wet. Even if boats could make the trip, the conditions over there would be ugly: very high rivers to cross, muddy, slippery slopes and soaked fields with standing water. 

Besides, the recent aborted day hike showed me that I just can’t carry a heavy backpack anymore. So I cancel my trip, and am not at all sad. Due to the weather situation, I am reimbursed the entire amount. So instead, I take the local bus today to Bolungarvík for a swim. The bus is 25 min late though due to the road being closed from a mudslide. In the evening I take a walk to look at where it occurred.