Monday, July 28, 2014

Foxes, friends & fast walking

Mánaljós & Sebbi

Freddy the fox

Sebbi is back in town after a great short trip to Hornstrandir and today he’s offered to take me to the Arctic Fox Center (Melrakkaseturin) Súðavík. The Center, founded in 2007, is non-profit, and volunteers from all over the world take turns helping out there. It’s dedicated to the arctic fox, which is actually the only mammal native to Iceland. Besides conducting fox research on Hornstrandir, they maintain an exhibition center for the general public. They also have a great little café, and if the weather is good like today, it’s nice to just sit on the deck in the sun with a cup of coffee. Upstairs they have a small event room where there are sometimes live music events, movies or other gatherings.
The weather is perfect today, and Freddy the fox is playing happily in his cage.

Back home in the evening, the weather is beautiful, too. It’s my last night here for a while and just as I’m ready to settle in for the evening, the neighbor lady knocks on the door and 10 minutes later I find myself out in the mountains for an 8 km hike with two ladies and good conversation. It’s absolutely beautiful outside and it’s after midnight by the time I get home. What a wonderful last memory!