Monday, June 30, 2014

New hiking friends

I meet with Erik and Lei today, just arriving back from a hiking trip to Hornstrandir. They’re quite lucky because the weather forecast is quite bad the next few days. Looks like they got the last of the good weather for a while, although it can hardly be called good. It’s been a long, hard winter with lots of snow still melting and the recent rains haven’t helped much. They report of high water levels, with rivers overflowing their banks by far and fields being soggy. Not the kind of weather I really like hiking in.

Anyway, it was really nice to finally meet Erik, as we’ve been virtual penfriends for a while now. Two summers ago I saw a helicopter fly over my house, which can only mean one thing – someone is being rescued from Hornstrandir. I later found out it was Erik inside, being flown out with a head wound and a broken ankle. He slipped on scree, bumped his head and lost consciousness. After coming to, he realized his SPOT wasn’t getting satellite reception, so he had to walk with a broken ankle where reception was better and he could send off a signal for help. What a story! I’m glad he made it back safely this time.