Saturday, May 3, 2014

More of the same and not bored yet

Another beautiful sunny day. Took a morning bike ride with a friend, rode along the old road to Bolungarvík (Óshlíð) again until just before the first tunnels, where there is a nice spot of a lunch break in the sun.

Later in the day I went out again, heading for the old road to Flateyri, where I got a flat tire last summer. Stopped at the parking area overlooking town, and since the picnic bench was in the sun, I stayed there for a long time soaking up the rays. Once off onto the old road, I found a secluded dry spot, in the sun of course, and stashed my bike. But not before sitting in the sun for a long time first! Then I hiked up the road a bit and off into the hills beside it. The ground is still quite soggy, with snow in places. It’s too early in the year for any off-course hiking. Back at my bike, I took out a book and the thermos of tea and stayed until I began to get cold.

There’s a beautiful sunset this evening at 11pm. There are 8 people (and a dog) in my backyard taking pictures of it. I am so grateful for having this view out my window, and not having to go outside for beautiful pictures. Just as I settle into bed with a book, I hear fireworks and run to the window. I later read that the fireworks were to celebrate some kind of youth handball tournament here this weekend.