Friday, May 2, 2014

Chores, more sun, bikes & beaches

 Another mostly sunny day as I continue to work on my tan. First off though, I have some chores to do today. Off to the tourist information center to see if they're interested in the postcards I've had made up. Yes indeed! They particularly like the Rauðisandur motif, so I leave them with 80 postcards and will stop in again in a few weeks and see how they are doing. After all, the first cruise ship arrives already on May 18 - the Thompson Spirit from the Bahamas with 1300 passengers. Maybe a few will like my postcards.

Then it's off to get my heat  & electricity straightened out. They came to read the meters in February when I wasn't here and just estimated my usage - which increased my monthly bill threefold. After learning that there's a second meter in the basement that needs to be read as well, I'll have to return next week sometime.

Next stop, the hardware store, where I purchase all the workings to patch my windows - one small can of paint, a scraper, a brush and one sheet of sandpaper, for €45. Before I moved in I had the windows inside painted, but after two years of damp arctic weather and winds that batter the moisture into every crack and crevice, the first damp spots (yes and mold) are starting to show already. So after dinner tonight, I did half the windows already. Next step after this, caulking. I did caulk some of the windows last summer and those show noticeably less weather damage.

But the sun is shining and I need to get out for a bit. I ride my bike to the campsite at Tungudalur. There's still a lot of snow. I was hoping to walk around a bit, but not in my skimpy biking shoes. Instead I find a great spot for sunbathing on the wooden deck of the campsite hut. The warm wood absorbs the sun, it's free of snow, and the hut blocks the breeze. It's warm enough to take off my jacket and roll up my sleeves. I sit around in the sun for about 45 minutes when 3 guys on motorcycles stop by and I take that opportunity to head home. Back home, I sit outside again in the sun with some tea and a good book. Afterwards, I check out the new ladder going down to the beach that a neighbor installed and pick at seaweed and rocks until hunger drives me back indoors. I spend the evening with Gríma the cat - she's bigger every time I see her and once a wild young kitten, she is more mellow now, likes to be pet and purrs graciously.