Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Biking and clamming

Last Sunday I took a long bike ride although it was only 2°C (35°C). I underestimate the wind chill and don’t have proper gloves on, so the ride is quite cold. I ride into Engidalur, past the cemetery and well into the valley to the power plant. I park at the power plant and settle in the hay for some hot tea from my thermos. Around me there is still plenty of snow, but the grassy spot I’ve picked is warm and dry, but the sound of rushing water from the nearby river put chills through my bones.

Another day I see a boy on the beach in my backyard at low tide digging with a shovel. I wonder if he is digging for clams, and if he’s finding any. Later I read up on catching clams and learn that an ultra-low full moon or a new moon tide is best for clam digging. I watch videos on how to spot clams and dig for them. I am most certainly going to try this out one day!