Sunday, August 11, 2013


My main goal of this short little trip is to see Rauðasandur. Although I‘ve been to this area once before in 2009, and visited Látrabjarg, I somehow have never made it to the picturesque red beaches where seals like to bask in the sun. I‘ve been thinking about hiking here one day via Látrabjarg so it‘s a nice opportunity to scout out the area.

On the way we stop at a little pool called Krosslaug. Again it’s right on the ocean, has nice facilities (showers and changing rooms) and a natural hotpot overlooking the sea. We arrive at 11 a.m. just as they are opening so it’s the perfect opportunity for a quick lunchtime swim. There are so many nice outdoor pools and hotpots in the Westfjords and I will take every opportunity possible to enjoy them. 

Shipwreck Garður
The pool water is not real hot but just fine on a sunny day like today. The hotpot is not real hot either, with about the same temperature as the pool. Might be too cold on a chilly day.

We’re back on the road by noon. We take a few more short stops: A pretty church, a walk on the beach, the shipwreck in Patreksfjörður fjord. Then head up the mountain pass on road 614 towards the red beaches. The serpentine road is even red and quite steep and narrow. Once we peak the pass, the view down on the red beaches is amazing. The tide is going out as we approach and at the bottom of the pass, we first head west to the end of the road. 

There’s a small parking area at a private farm and a path is marked for walking to the beach. Due to the high tide, we can’t get real close and decide to have a look at the other end. First we stop for coffee and cake at the little café. There’s not a cloud in the sky, it’s sunny and warm and we sit outside on the patio overlooking the beach. I have my binoculars and am looking for seals, but no luck.
There are several farms along the coast here. What a beautiful place to live and work. However, I can imagine it’s quite isolated. The mountain pass is a beast and I’m sure it’s impassable much of the year. 

A day at the beach
On the east end of the road is a small free campsite with toilets. From here, it’s just a short walk to the beach with endless red sands. There are quite a few people playing on the beach, young and old. The brave ones dip their feet in the chilly ocean waters of the Greenland Sea. Some just let the warm sand run through their fingers while basking in the sun like seals. I prefer the latter.