Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dynjandi, Flókalundur, Hellulaug

Dynjandi waterfall

Foggy and rainy today but tomorrow should be nice so we’re headed south for a few days of exploration. After a quick coffee and cake break at Hrafnseyri, the first real stop is Dynjandi waterfall. I’ve only been here one other time and that was in clear, sunny weather. It’s actually nice to see it in the rain and fog and it’s certainly majestic in any weather.

Hellulaug hotpot
Then back in the car and on to Flókalundur. Didn’t see much of the mountain passes since thick fog blocked the view. The white rental car is black with dirt when we arrive at the hotel. The weather is dreary but it won’t dampen our spirits since there’s a natural hotpot here. Hellulaug is right next to the ocean and has a water temperature of 38°C (100°F). It doesn’t matter how cold and dismal the weather is, this hotpot is awesome.

After the swim we have dinner in the hotel restaurant – fresh mussel soup and it’s good indeed.