Saturday, July 27, 2013

No bird brains

Breakfast in the backyard
The weather has been beautiful and the morning sun shining in my kitchen window pushes the outside thermometer to 25°C/77°F. I have rested and relaxed sufficiently – walks on the beach, breakfast in the sun, swimming, bird watching, mountain biking, and a few evening drinks with friends. 
The clumsy raven

I am growing particularly fond of birds. I will never be an ornithologist, but it’s fun to watch them closely and read up on them. I especially love the ravens. When they sit perched on the gable of a house, they look majestic and even a bit evil. But as soon as they hop around with their clumsy little gait and open their beaks for a low, squeaky caw, I just have to laugh. 

Arctic tern
I also like the various birds that dive for fish in the sea. It’s amazing to watch them dive into the water from high in the air and come up with a fish in their mouths. Some of these birds travel great distances in the fall to warmer places like Africa, and return to exactly the same spot in Iceland, year after year. Those are pretty good navigational skills. 

In any case, I  have witnessed enough clever birds to dispute phrase “bird brain”. There are some pretty intelligent gears turning in those little heads!

No this is not a bird :-)