Thursday, February 21, 2013

Searching for the owl

The snow is nearly gone. There is lots and lots of ice and the landscape is bubbling, gurgling with rivers of meltwater. Last weekend I hiked into Tungudalur with a friend. An owl has been spotted in the woods and we wanted to catch a glimpse of it. Once we reached the woods, we stopped at a picnic table for lunch. A thermos of hot tea, cookies, sandwiches, and pancakes – a meal fit for a king. 

Strengthened from our snack, we start climbing straight up one of the mountains, hoping to eventually reach the road. The going was easy at first in the deep snow, but higher up the strong wind had polished the face of the cliffs, removing all snow and leaving nothing but ice. Progress was slow and the wind was getting quite cold, so eventually we had to give up and slide straight back down to the bottom on our butts – covered in snowpants, the butt makes the perfect all-natural sled. Unfortunately we didn’t see the owl, but it was a beautiful day nonetheless.