Tuesday, December 25, 2012


 It’s about -8°C today but the wind is strong, making it feel much colder. It snowed more in the night so apart from the wind, it’s great weather for sledding. I’m eager to try out my inflatable Airbord but it would carry me right away in this wind. Instead we take the cheap plastic sleds and trek up Seljalandsvegur to my favorite sledding spot between the avalanche walls. It’s incredibly slippery, at times with thick sheets of ice covering the road, but we have spikes on our boots and have no problems at all. There’s not much protection from the wind though today since it’s coming off the ocean from the north. We have loads of fun and after lots of slipping and sliding, we dig little seats in the snow for some hot tea and sandwiches. The break chills us though and we’re freezing as we head back down the slope into town, head on into the wind.