Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pre-Christmas Reykjavík

Downtown Reykjavík viewed from across Tjörnin
The Berlin bear dances in Reykjavík, too

Back in Iceland for the holidays. I arrived yesterday and have just a short stay in Reykjavík before flying to my new home in Ísafjörður tomorrow. The weather is rainy and not winter-like at all. I’m staying at the guesthouse Galtafell again, which is guarded over by a beautiful fat white cat named Jellybelly. I spend the day window-shopping amidst the Christmas hectic, the stores are busy and bustling and the lines are long with last-minute shoppers. Luckily I don’t have any last-minute presents to buy – my Christmas gifts are delivered to me personally as I comfortably sit at Cafe Loki with Claus for a traditional icelandic lunch of kjótsúpa and plokkfiskur. Musician Svavar Knútur pops in to deliver the hand-wrapped, autographed CDs I ordered and they make the perfect gifts for my music-loving friends.

Kolaportið, the indoor flea market
Fríkirkjan, the Free Church