Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Arctic weather

Early in the day, before the storm

Since Súsanna and I both love the outdoors, we go out in all kinds of weather. Today the wind is stronger than ever, coming off the ocean from the north. It would be too cold for sledding so we attempt a 4 km walk into Tungudalur to see if the waterfall is frozen. 

Road of solid ice and black skies approaching
The path is again covered with a thick sheet of solid ice and without spikes or chains on our shoes, such a hike would be impossible. Hardly anyone is out on this bitter cold day, the wind is at our backs for the first stretch but we are well aware of how biting it will be on the return route. 

A storm is brewing
As we progress, a storm quickly brews. The sky turns absolutely black and it’s coming our way. It’s snowing and the wind is blowing the snow like crazy, visibility will soon be close to zero so I turn on my GPS just to be safe. 

We reach the golf course just 900 m short of our goal, but I’m ready to turn around. I’m pretty cold already and the long walk back against the wind in arctic conditions will not be easy. It’s absolutely necessary to put on our ski goggles, just as it was on the hike back yesterday against the wind. Later, back in town, the weather rages on and we’re in the midst of a true blizzard!