Thursday, July 26, 2012

Valagil / Seljalandsdalur

Waterfall at Valagil
Cottongrass in Seljalandsdalur
Icelandic horse
Mánaljós & Súsanna
Great weather again today so Súsanna and I are going out for a hike.  Unfortunately my back is acting up and it’s really painful, so we’ve picked a flat, easy route with no altitude climb. We drive south of Súðavík to the inside tip of the fjord Álftafjörður. There‘s a small parking lot at Seljaland where we park and hike into the valley Seljalandsdalur. There are lots of ripe blueberries and crowberries in the valley, and white cottongrass decorates the landscape in spots. We stop to pet a group of horses and snap their pictures. After just a short time we reach the picturesque waterfall in the gorge Valagil, which is marked as a place of interest on the map. There‘s even a guestbook there to sign. Afterwards we follow the river farther into the valley and then cut back on the other side, below the cliffs of Vatnshlíð. Just opposite the waterfall we pick a grassy spot for a long rest and lunch break. A handful of sheep bleats nearby. This would be a really nice spot to pitch a tent, with plenty of flat and grassy spots and fresh water nearby, yet sheltered from the wind on all sides by the mountains.