Friday, July 20, 2012


Blueberry worm
After a week of getting house matters settled, I’m itching to get outdoors. The weather has been beautiful – sunny and warm every day. Today I hike into Tungudalur, which is about an 8 km round trip. The road passes the golf course and a cute little summer cottage area and into the valley itself, where there is a nice campsite. A fairly impressive waterfall (Tungufoss) roars nearby and there are trails on either side to walk up on. After a brief nap in the sun next to the waterfall, I examine the berries there. I’ve been told the blueberries here in this valley are ripe quicker than in other parts because of the good sun, and indeed there are some to pick. Amazing that I can pick berries so early in the season, as it’s not even August yet. Of course they’re still a bit small, but tasty nonetheless, and I pick a whole container to mix with skýr, milk, brown sugar and cream at home. There are little worms all over the berry patches, so I've nicknamed them the blueberry worms.

There’s also a small woods with trails to hike but I only have a brief look. After all, it’s too sunny and nice to be in a dark forest.