Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bolungarvík, Skálavík

Road to Skálavík
 Now Katja is here for a short visit and although it’s cloudy and drizzling today, we want to get out for a hike. There’s no wind and the weather is mild so the few raindrops aren’t going to stop us. 

Mánaljós in the mountains
We drive to Bolungarvík, park the car at an old shed and decide to just walk along the jeep track towards Skálavík and see how far we get. The good-weather option would have been to hike into Tungudalur, past Grárófa into Selárdalur, or at least far enough to get a good view of the next fjord, Súgandafjörður. But it’s so foggy today that there’s no point in that, and walking off-road through the valley would certainly mean getting really wet. 

Neon green valley
Katja at the pass
I’ve been wanting to explore this road for a few years now anyway and today I can get a first taste of it. Surprisingly a whole lot of jeeps pass us by on the road the whole time and I later find out that there are a few well-frequented summer cottages down at Skálavík. Although I’m curious to see the bay at Skálavík leading straight into the Arctic Ocean towards Greenland, it’s not a place I would come again on foot in pursuit of solitude. It would be a good mountain bike route though and I’ll return one day soon my two-wheeler. 

Katja playing in the snow
Along the way we stop at a neon green valley with a small river to take a few pictures. I love these ultra-green spots that can often be found in Iceland as they bring a little color into even the darkest day. I like looking at the details here – a pretty purple flower, a fiery red piece of moss. But soon we continue trudging up the hill and eventually come to a pass. There’s a bit of old snow and Katja enjoys playing around on it like a little kid. I wish we could see over to the other side up here but there’s no way in this fog. The rain picks up and we find some big rocks to sit on and have lunch. After some hot tea and a bite to eat, we turn back. The weather is starting to get to us and we think about the outdoor hotpot waiting for us at our destination in Bolungarvík.

Back in town we have a bite to eat at the café and enjoy a dip in the pool. I love soaking in a hotpot after a hike. It’s probably one of the greatest pleasures on earth.