Sunday, September 4, 2011

Valahnjúkur and more

Photos: (1) Langidalur; (2) Rainbow; (3-4) River Krossá; (5) On top of Valahnúkur

There’s a beautiful sunrise this morning. The weather is so incredibly warm and mild with no wind. After a nice breakfast, we’re all on the trail by 9. Today we hike to Langidalur, and then up Valahnúkur. The last time I hiked up this mountain the weather was miserable, windy and rainy. Today it’s so mild that we take a really long break at the top, just lying around in the grass. The view, of course, is amazing. We head back down the other side and walk east along the ridge Merkurrani, before swinging back around to Húsadalur.

After a nice lunch, we check out the local cave Sönghellir. Then Súsanna and her sister pack up camp and we all wait for the bus. One of the cooks from the kitchen passes by with a big bucket of fresh picked mushrooms and we stop to chat with her. I’ve noticed that the hillsides are filled with mushrooms. It would be fun to pick some and make them for dinner.

After my friends are gone I take another walk, this time along a marked trail starting along the river Markarfljót. But after an hour I return to camp, take a hot shower and relax in my little hut. What luxury! I even have my laptop with music and some small speakers. It’s fun just to sit at the window with a mug of hot chocolate, listen to music and look outside. When the sun begins to set, walk along the river again to see the amazing colors, and I’m not disappointed.