Saturday, August 6, 2011

The old ski area in Ísafjörður

Photos: (1) Gamla Bakari; (2) Futuristic greenhouse; (3) Tunnel through the avalanche wall; (4) Mountain colors; (5) Evening soccer game

I take an early morning stroll at 7:15. There’s a large cruise ship docked here full of Germans and they flock the museum for pictures. The local kids are dressed in traditional garb doing a little dance. The Germans seem to be pretty enthralled.

I have breakfast at the Gamla Bakari, coffee and vinarbrauð and buy a tasty bagel sandwich to take along today for lunch since I will be out hiking again. After packing a day pack back at the hotel, I hike up to the old ski area (4 km). I was up here snowshoeing in the winter a few years ago and would like to take another look. The area used to be used for downhill skiing but it was once damaged during an avalanche. It’s now used for cross country skiing only.

The weather is great again today but quite windy. I hike all over the place, up and down the hills and check out the old ski lifts. A few other people are out here doing the same thing. Then I have lunch inside the hut, which offers a fantastic view of the town and fjord. On the way back down the hill into town, I stop at the avalanche walls, which offer shelter from the wind, and take a nap in the grass. I really love napping in the outdoors!

Later, next to the hotel, there’s a soccer game going on. Seems like the whole town is out watching and cheering. I join the crowd and watch as well.