Friday, August 5, 2011

Þingeyri -->Ísafjörður

Photos: (1) Nordic mythology graffiti in Ísafjörður; (2) Cemetery and church; (3) Back streets; (4) plokkfiskur

I’m going to miss this town, Þingeyri. I would really love to come back in the winter. And I will definitely come back to finish my hike! But for now it’s time to move on. This time I take the regular public bus at 12:30 back to Ísafjörður, which is much cheaper (ISK 350) and more frequent than the tourist bus. The only information on this bus is in Icelandic, so this is definitely an andvantage here to speak the language. As a result, there are only Icelanders on the bus. We stop in Flateyri to drop off some newspapers; it looks like a cute little town and I will surely visit it one day. Soon we are back in Ísafjörður. One old man asks to be dropped off at Bónus so I figure it can’t hurt to ask to be dropped off directly at the Hotel Edda. Sure, no problem! I check into a room, which I reserved by telephone a few days in advance.

I don’t have anything planned today, except I would really love to have some real food. I’ve been eating my hiking food, or getting an occasional hot dog, but I would really like something different. There’s a new café in Ísafjörður this year (at least new from the last time I was here a few years ago). It’s a big yellow building near the swimming pool. The menu is short and the prices quite expensive, but the plokkfiskur is fantastic and the atmosphere is cozy. Plokkfiskur is like mashed potatoes, only it’s mashed fish. In the past when fish was often served several times a week, this was the standard way of using up leftovers. It is traditionally served with rye bread and I really like it!