Thursday, June 16, 2011


Photos:Seljalandsfoss, Gljúfrabúi

We’re on the road by 8:30 am and take a long break at Seljalandsfoss. The weather is nice so we take our time having breakfast at the picnic tables. After putting on waterproof clothes, we walk around the back of Seljalandsfoss for a great view of the falls from a different perspective. Then it’s time to do something I promised I would come back and do one day:

Wade through the water to the hidden waterfall named Gljúfrabúi near the campsite. The name means “he who lives in the ravine”. I like this waterfall even more than Seljalandsfoss itself, maybe because it’s off the beaten track and most people who stop at Seljalandsfoss have no idea that it exists. I first learned about it from Kristín, Sigrún’s sister, who grew up in the area and played there as a kid. With her a few years ago she first showed me how to climb the mountain and take a peek at it from the top. Then we had a look at it from the bottom and she waded in to have a look. Due to a foot injury, I couldn’t follow and vowed to come back! (see blog entry from July 31, 2008).

Today the weather is perfect and I’m in the mood. I take off my boots and socks and change into Croqs and wade into the icy cold water that is up past my knees in spots. Behind the falls, the view is spectacular and luckily I have a waterproof camera since the whole thing is quite a wet event. When my feet and legs are finally numb from the cold, I wade back, dry off and warm up – with a wide grin on my face. I feel like a little kid, playing in the water and it’s fun! As I’m drying off, a group of Icelandic youngsters stop and their chaperone lifts each one carefully on his shoulders to take a peek at the waterfall without getting wet. They must be from Reykjavík since only city kids would hesitate at the opportunity to play in the water.

We spend the rest of the day in Reykjavík shopping and tasting my favorite local delicacies. In the evening we’re at the campsite in Hveragerði, but the pool is unfortunately closed and we have to be content with munching hotdogs.